Your mind is your life.
This is where it all comes from.
Your successes and failures, your achievements and disappointments, your poverty and wealth.
Everything comes from your mind.
Your thoughts are the powerful building blocks of existence.
You don’t pay much attention to this and prefer to float along the lazy river of distractions, hoping something good will magically come your way.
Your life is your mind and there is no escape.
At the moment, your mind is a terrible testament to inflexible thinking.
It is a drab and tattered tent flapping in the breeze of your uncertain thoughts.
It is a battlefield of conflicting ideas and superstitious impracticalities.
It is an emotional hurricane of anxious hopes and desperate dreams.
It is nowhere near the honest simplicity that it could be.
It is nothing like the easy-riding wave of adventure that is possible.
Your mind is a complex encyclopaedia of rules and borrowed thoughts.
It has built the world that you see before you, right now, right at this very moment.
You are forever looking out into a world that is nothing but a reflection of your own mind.
You have seen many times how your world can change as dramatically as your thoughts change.
At this moment and at every other moment, you are a slave to the ideas that fill your head.
They are not original, they have all been fed to you since birth from the system that you were born into.
This system becomes more concrete and more institutionalised every day.
Almost every aspect of your life is being locked into rigidity by an endless stream of stupefying ideas that big brother spits at you.
You are constantly being bombarded with propaganda that tells you how you should live.
Most things you never ever question.
Those few that you do, always lead you into a politically correct and perfectly controlled sense of rebellion.
It’s all a trick.
You are forever being lied to.
Someone else is imposing their idea of a world onto your mind so that you bring can it into existence under their control.
Your thoughts create your physical reality.
You could change your world if you had the strength to be original and think for yourself.
However, out of habit, you won’t and you can’t.
You simply swallow whatever you are fed.
So how do you go about changing your world?
How do you stop thinking whatever it is big brother wants you to think?
Your mind is full of blocks and reasons why not.
You celebrate sarcasm and cynicism.
Skepticism is seen as healthy, yet it only aims to destroy and never to create.
You have been taught to mock any who don’t conform.
You are intolerant of people with ideas that conflict with yours.
Your mind is loaded with expectations and closed doors.
You live within an infinite existence, yet act as if only your backyard is true.
Life is about moving the limiting preconceived ideas from your mind so that infinite possibilities can have a chance.
Every moment there are an infinite number of possible situations that can present themselves but your mind will only allow a handful.
You can spend hours dreaming of the things you want and trying to bring them into being but most of the time, you will only end up frustrated.
Your mind is too messy to effectively and consciously create situations that you desire.
Your mind is a busy city intersection.
Your dreams are seeds trying to grow in cracks on the road of that intersection.
It won’t happen.
To make it worse, you don’t even know if the seeds you are planting, are the seeds that are best for you.
You might be trying to plant something that becomes poisonous to you in the long run.
Your mind is in so much turmoil that you don’t even recognise your own intuition.
You are lost amidst the madness of your own making.
There is a simple answer.
Of course it will seem outrageous to most.
You don’t have to do anything except clear the way so that the range of possible outcomes broadens.
Instead of your future being limited by all of your pet preconceived ideas, open it up to impossible and ridiculously illogical and outrageous possibilities.
Instead of trying to plan the rest of your life, moment by moment, give up and stand freely on the cusp of not-knowingness.
Imagine yourself at every moment standing on the edge of a bottomless chasm.
It’s very uncomfortable.
There are no supports, no promises, no guarantees, just your lonely little self, thinking nothing, expecting nothing and moving only as your intuition prompts.
This is the way to open your life up to the infinite existence that you live within.
Leave the way open for the impossible, the illogical and the improbable to express naturally and seamlessly within your finite little life.
You don’t have to do anything.
All that is required is that you let go of your expectations for a while and see what happens when the infinite has a chance to express.
The infinite is mind-bogglingly big, your mind is suffocatingly small.