In plain sight

Everything is obvious.
The answers to all of your problems are right before you.
An understanding of life is not hidden, it is in front of you in plain sight.
Your secret dreams and desires are not necessary, for everything you seek is right here, right now.
It is a waste of life to plan ahead and work out your future.
Your future lies in your attitudes in the present right here now in plain sight.
Continually projecting into the future prolongs your unrest and keeps you in your repetitive life style with its monotonous, repetitive problems.
You continually overlook the obvious.
You are blind to your own truth.
How often do you suddenly realise that the answer to some problem is obvious?
How often was the answer right there before your eyes but you did not see it?
Humanity is blind.
Humanity is deaf, dumb and stupid.
This is unnatural.
Humanity has unlimited potential but has chosen the easy and lazy path.
It has chosen the path of no responsibility.
Without exception, every moment of your life, you are looking out into a symbolic representation of your own mind, you call it life on earth but it is really, life in mind.
There is nothing else but your creation of your world.
Everything before you is you.
Your mind is before you in plain sight.
What you see, how you live, what you have, is all in plain sight.
It is the truth of your self, a constant expression of your thoughts.
Your answers, your truth, your understandings all lie before you in plain sight.
Looking for something?
Look around, it is right there before you, right now, in plain sight.
Stop looking out there or into the future for your answers, they are before you, in plain sight, right now.
Wake up and see!

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